Violeta is an illustrator from Barcelona who also makes books, prints and websites. She collaborates with Núria Pla under the name of Tàndem. Lately, she has been working with Ellie Robinson-Carter on Sophie's Project.

Violeta is scared of outer space and the deep sea.

awards &  exhibitions

2017 "Illustrating Identity/ies", Université de Lorraine
2017 "The Monstrous Forum", Falmouth University

2017 Exposición "Poder Sáfico", Barcelona
2016 "Exposición Fanzine Grasa", Madrid
2016 "Segni Agathae", Catania
"Libri d'artista ed edizioni a tiratura limitata", Bologna
2015 “Atlantic Press Graphic Literature Prize”
2015 “Perspectives - Art, Liver Diseases and Me”, Vienna
2015 “Perspectives - Art, Liver Diseases and Me”, Barcelona
2015 “El llibre en femení: Exposició de Llibres dÁrtista i Obra Gràfica”, Barcelona
2014 “VIII Biennal d’Art Riudebitlles, Obra Sobre Paper”, Riudebitlles
2014 “Sense Títol”, Universitat de Barcelona


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